Photo4Speech-Language Pathology is the study of communication disorders.

Language With Laura serves to provide information and resources for the following domains:

1. Receptive Language -> Understanding what is being communicated.

Goals may include processing information to follow directions, understanding concepts of spatial relationships and describing words, and understanding the concept of sequencing for the development of narrative skills.

2. Expressive Language -> Using language to communicate.

Speech-Language Pathologists use a variety of modalities to facilitate expressive language including visual supports, Picture Exchange Communication System, and sign language, as well as low- and high-tech devices.

3. Pragmatics -> Using language in a social context.

Goals may include social language with peers, commenting on the environment, and having a conversation.

4. Articulation -> Speaking clearly.

Sound development typically follows a hierarchy. The production of speech is affected by the development of a number of parts including the jaw, lips, and tongue.

5. Play -> Using play to facilitate language development.

Play programs foster emerging language and encourage development of imagination.