Welcome to Language With Laura!!

By Laura Prestia on January 22, 2013 in Blog with No Comments

Language With Laura

And to my very first blog!

I’d like to use my first entry to fill you in on how Language With Laura got started, and what I hope it becomes. It all began when, for the UMPTEENTH time, I heard someone say, “You should sell your books”. I’ve been creating activities for speech sessions for many, many years. Sure, there’s a plethora of materials already out there, but sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what I need. Especially since I work with kids with autism. But, the main reason I like to make my own stuff is simply this – I’m a creative perfectionist.

I’ve been working on putting together Language With Laura for a while now. Ideas constantly avalanche into more ideas and it’s been a challenge sorting out all of my thoughts. But with a little bit of discipline and a lot of organization, I’ve been able to come up with a good start.

My ultimate goal for the website is to provide you with lots of information, lots of ideas, lots of links, and lots of products. (And I gladly welcome any feedback on any of this.) I will be continuously adding new materials and updating information. So check back often!

So here it is… Spread the word and, together, let’s make learning language fun!!


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