Thematic-BooksGrocery-StoreFinding the perfect book can be a challenge. Especially for children who haven’t yet developed higher-level language skills. You may find a great book on a particular holiday, for example, but then the wording is too difficult, or the pictures are too busy. For years, Laura has been creating her own books so that they target the specific skills that she works on. With early language learners, she has witnessed the most success with books that are interactive. Children demonstrate attention and interest when they can manipulate pieces and add to the story-sharing experience.

Each one of Laura’s interactive books targets a specific theme, focusing on building contextually-relevant vocabulary for familiar and popular topics, while using short and simple phrases.

Each downloadable book includes:

*Printable pages of the book
*Interactive printable pieces which can be attached to each page
*Sample images of how each page should be set up prior to reading
*Instructions on how to incorporate the interactive materials while reading

Materials that you will need in order to put the book together:

*Laminating sheets or contact paper
*Binder rings or binding combs

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